New products – SPEC line for Industrial usage!

New products – SPEC line for Industrial usage!

We would like to Introduce New products – SPEC line for Industrial usage!

Troton intends to work with current trends in market and as per our clients requirement which results in upgrading our products range and introducing new product. Now we would like to Introduce New products – SPEC line for Industrial usage. (Buses, Trains, Cars ,Trams, Agricultural, Construction machinery).

SPEC Polyester putties are categorized by longer pot life, very good adhesion to all metal surfaces including Galvanized steel, wood and polyester laminates, Thixotrophy in nature (NEW TECHNOLOGY) which allows it in fast curing and great consistency, highly resistance to mechanical, chemical hazards and anti corrosive in nature. Presently we introduce 5 products in SPEC generation polyester putties but we do strongly believe to wider the range in future.

Recommended for spot repairs. Innovative product with longer pot life of 10 minutes

Polyester putty with long pot life, minimum 30 minutes with 2% hardener. Specially designed for usage on large surfaces and at elevated temperatures. Perfect for smoothing railway carriages, buses, containers, etc.

Product is easy to apply. Consistency of putty, when applied on thick layers, does not run down. Additionally, hardened material has sufficient flexibility and very easy to get treated. It is characterized by very good adhesion to various surfaces, including metal surfaces without any primer layer on it.

Highly resistance to temperature even at 2000C. Partially conductive electric charge. Specially recommended for surface treatment in preparation of the powder coating.

4. Spec Polyester Putty 1K
High-quality putty that is used for local repairs. It is recommended to repair small dents and scratches. Simple and easy to use, because does not require a hardener. It can be used on metal and wood surfaces.

5. Polyester Putty LONG LIFE HV with increased viability of the mixture (high viscosity).
New Version of SPEC LONG LIFE (with increased viability of the mixture). It has all the advantages of putty SPEC LONG LIFE. It is recommended for smaller surface area if compared to the SPEC LONG LIFE. The choice of the putty depends on the surface intended for repair. This version of putty is recommended for smaller areas.

Troton guarantee to satisfy the requirement of Industrial Usage products through new Generation SPEC putties.
We look forward for valuable co-operation of our existing clients and new potential clients in gaining success of SPEC putties.
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